The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants in Sapporo: #1 Raw Food Cafe Lohas

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Looking for vegan or vegetarian food in Japan? This can prove to be quite a challenge, especially since most Japanese food is traditionally made with fish and other seafood products. It is especially difficult when looking for a place to dine out, since most Japanese restaurants have yet to cater to a vegan or a vegetarian diet. It comes as no surprise then, that finding a vegan or vegetarian restaurant is almost impossible in Hokkaido, a place known throughout Japan for its delicious grilled lamb dishes, fresh seafood, and dairy products.

“Raw Food Cafe Lohas”

However, if you are ever in Sapporo, a definite MUST-TRY is Lohas! A delightful and cozy restaurant situated conveniently along Sapporo’s famous shopping street, Tanuki Koji. Their menu offers a wide selection of items that are exclusively vegan and vegetarian, and even includes popular Japanese dishes such as sushi rolls and soba. Because all of their ingredients are plant-based and carefully selected by the owner to ensure that none of the meals uses animal products, Lohas is the perfect place to try Japanese food on a vegan or vegetarian diet!

Upon stepping into the restaurant, prepare to be greeted by the bright and cheerful interior. Local vegan snacks and products line the walls, with everything from coffee to Hokkaido white birch sap. With the light aroma of herbs and oils in the air, and the soft sounds of birds and music in the background, Lohas has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying the delicious food.

A cheerful interior, with vegan snacks and products lining the walls

The first item we tried was the “Raw Food Box”, a new set offered on their takeout menu. The set included the “Nuts sushi roll”, a fresh green salad, a bowl of Japanese brown rice (Genmai), and a blueberry marble cake for dessert. The salad was colourful and fresh, and was flavoured lightly with a citrus dressing. It was paired quite nicely with the rice, which had a darker and smokier taste that is typical of Japanese grains. I personally liked how the large grains of rice were quite chewy, and I enjoyed the subtle, natural flavour of the rice.

The “Raw Food Box” with nuts sushi, brown rice, salad, and a blueberry marble cake

Of all the items in the set however, I would have to say that my personal favourite was the Nuts Sushi. The nuts were a wonderful substitute for rice, and not only was the crunchy texture of the nuts a fun addition to the dish, it also went surprisingly well with the soy sauce. The combination of nuts and soy sauce added the perfect amount of saltiness to balance the freshness of the vegetables and the seaweed. It was a great and very delicious starter!

Lohas’ original sushi roll, made with nuts, fresh vegetables, and seaweed

As for the blueberry marble cake, it was quite delicious, although not too sweet, and had a creamy texture that was well-balanced with the tangy blueberry sauce mixed throughout the cake. The flavours were enhanced by the nutty flavour of the crust, and the slight bitterness of the chocolate drizzle. A definite recommendation for those looking to try a healthy and not-so-sweet dessert!

The Blueberry Marble Cake with a beautiful presentation of drizzled chocolate, nuts, and berries

Finally, for our main dish we had the Coconut Oil and Curry Soba. This dish was a great twist on the traditional Japanese soba, with curry spices and coconut oil infused into the soba broth. As a lover of curry, I was really impressed by the masterful blending of flavours in the broth. It was absolutely delicious, and I would love to have it again. A great choice for anyone wanting to try a wonderfully flavourful version of the classic dish!

The perfect combination of flavour and spice! Lohas’ Coconut Oil and Curry Soba

We finished off the evening with a treat from the chef: a warm cup of Licorice tea. It was the perfect way to end off the night, as the first sip had a light and smoky flavour, but left a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Overall, the atmosphere, service and food were great and I would definitely visit again. It was a great experience, and could not recommend the place more! With an original and creative menu catering specifically to a vegan and vegetarian diet, Lohas makes it easy to have delicious Japanese vegan and vegetarian food in the heart of Sapporo!



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